The Special Sidewalk for Smartphone Users in China

 Smartphone Users in China

Chinese Chongqing Citizens Authority set up the first lane for mobile phones on the sidewalk bordering Yangrenjie’s scenic spot. The sidewalk – 3 meters wide and 50 meters wide – separates pedestrians in two lanes: one is for cell phone users, the other is for those not obsessed with their smartphones. One warning proclaims: « In this lane » pass  » Mobile phones at your own risk and danger.  » « In my opinion, these sidewalks are very useful from a security standpoint, » says Wang Li, a resident of the area who does not use cell phone disproportionately as they prevent potential accidents due to users « obsessed with smartphones. » The media reported several incidents due to the distraction and the carelessness of some users who were injured while trafficking with their phones. The sidewalk has inevitably attracted the attention of tourists: some of the scripts took photos, others did not observe and shared the signage and even parked their car on the sidewalk. Li Zhijiang, a 20-year-old student in Guizhou, views the sidewalk as the manifestation of enormous progress. « I knew about the existence of these sidewalks in the Washington business district, » says Li, « and I think they are very useful for cell phone users in the very streets Busy and crowded « . Anthony Edwards, a 28-year-old British actor, has expressed all of his enthusiasm by saying that it is a huge improvement over his country of origin where the population does not have this type of housecoats sidewalk. Instead, his colleague, Xing Xing, maintains that the sidewalk is senseless and ineffective and forcibly admits: « Creating special » sidewalks could be the solution to reduce many security issues in different situations. However, I believe that this kind of sidewalk is not a fundamental solution, but on the other hand, I believe that in the long run, it may bring some kind of content to the smartphone user, causing other problems.

With the increasing popularity of smartphones, more and more young people in China are glued to the screens, a phenomenon that worries many experts. It is estimated that the number of smartphone users in China will exceed 500 million this year.


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