Custom Research in China

When entering the Chinese market, there are several major differences with the Western markets that a company needs to be aware of. Whether it is the Chinese name, the logo or even the floor number on which your company works at, these differences will need to be known beforehand.

But that is not all. Like all markets, China has developed its differences, and therefore, the Chinese consumers will react differently to a product when comparing to another country. It is important to study these reactions, and analyze how these new customers will use the product. It is hence necessary to realize custom market research in China before entering the market.

When custom market research in China is used, it can cover various domains:

All of these custom market researches are important when deciding to enter China, and can make a difference, between success and failure. A recent example would be Uber, who failed to capture the Chinese market and was defeated by his competitor Didi.

And for every Uber, there are hundreds of foreign businesses who fail to understand the market and take action to prevent these failures. Although the best way to succeed may cost an investment in custom market research in China, it can make the difference and help a company succeed in the Chinese market.

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